The death toll from last month’s deadliest-ever Greece wildfire rose to 97 last night as a 78-year-old man hospitalised in Thriasio hospital took his last breath.

The man, a Mati resident, died of his injuries and burns, according to the official report.

The Mati blaze has been by far the deadliest of its kind in Greece, claiming 83 people reportedly on site and 14 dying in hospital.

Among the dead “are two unidentifiable remains, with available DNA, that have not been sought by relatives,” Greek authorities have confirmed while some victims are still fighting for their life in intensive care.

The government and local authorities have come under fire due to either negligence or lack of infrastructure and ineffective crisis management.

“What’s important today is to objectively investigate the causes of the tragedy, and take all necessary measures so that it does not happen again,” Tsipras said in a televised speech as he announced a 500-million-euro revamp backed by European support funds.

The PM said the government has already paid emergency compensation to over 700 civilians and companies while some 3000 cases are under review.