Recognising art’s ability to serve as a tool to create meaningful dialogue, the Greek Australian Cultural League (GACL) is putting on an exhibition to highlight and discuss the various issues being presented to the communities as a result of globalisation.

Titled Destinations, the League is looking to encourage, promote and foster different interpretations of the theme.

Submissions are currently open to both professional and emerging artists of all cultural backgrounds.

“Through this event the GACL hopes to foster cross cultural awareness and community unity by building intercultural relationships through art, to explore and better understand our common humanity,” says Vasy Petros, a member of the GACL’s Art Projects and Exhibitions Coordinating Committee.

“With the many globalisation issues we are currently facing, this event has the capacity to shape and deliver interchange. Art is the universal language and as we are becoming a ‘world community’, the wonder of differences in our art and culture must be celebrated.”

Selected works will be exhibited at Steps Gallery in Carlton from 16 to 21 October, and will be launched by Executive Director of the National Association for Visual Arts, Esther Anatolitis.

The exhibition will run as part of a broader program that will feature culturally based entertainment, a creative workshop, and a poetry afternoon.

All applications must be submitted by Friday 14 September via email to