Thimios Bakatakis has teamed up with Rag & Bone, to create a short film for the fashion label.

Titled Time of Day, the film’s release next week in New York will coincide with the brand’s new Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Known for his work on award-winning films The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Bakatakis shot the production in New York and Los Angeles over six weeks on a handheld camera using 16 mm film.

Aside the pre-selected locations, the process was rather organic, with Bakatakis using only the light available at the time, and the acting all improvised.

Cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis. Photo: Lux Artists

Set to an original soundtrack by Thom Yorke, the short features actors Kate Mara, Boyd Holbrook, Pom Klementieff, Lakeith Stanfield, Reed Morano, Lake Bell, Jon Hamm and Emma Roberts.

Each of the eight characters is captured living out a moment individually, which when edited together, come to form the course of one full day, the vignettes interwoven to connect a series of events.

The Greek cinematographer was set the task of piecing together the brand’s story and characteristics. For example, the first actor is shown on First Avenue in East Village where the concept behind the label was born, followed by another actor finishing a night out in Williamsburg where founder Marcus Wainwright first started selling the brand.

Once officially launched, Time of Day will be available for viewing on the Rag & Bone website.

Watch the recently launched official trailer here: