Forget the tango, flamenco and fado, rebetika is the true blues music of passion. Its melodies have been known to make grown men weep. Included as part of the Open Marrickville program and with the support of Marrickville Council, the Greek Festival of Sydney will be presenting an evening of rebetika.
Step back in time to the rebetiko era that developed around ports and urban centres of Greece in the end of the 19th and up to the first half of the 20th century. Experience the age of rebetika through live music and dancing that tell a story of the struggles of displacement.
Watch decades later as John Anastasiadis and his band resurrect rebetika songs from their origins all the way through to the latter day rebetika of Tsitsanis and Vamvakaris. Anastasiadis, whose main repertoire is rebetika, began his music career in the 1970s and was the owner of Sydney Rebetadiko (Greek Blues venue) Red Martins. Accompanied by dancing performed by the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW dance group, Rebetika is a show that should not be missed.
“This is the music that pulls people together,” Nia Karteris, Chair of the Greek Festival of Sydney, said of rebetika, “the common link through generations and cultures and a bridge to the homeland.”
Rebetika is on Saturday 23 June at the Addison Road Community Centre Hall. For more information and ticket details please visit