In the last 15 days the wider area of Atalanti in central Greece be guarded by police, as teams of archaeologists conduct thorough excavations.

October has seen one of the most significant recent discoveries by the Ephorate of antiquities of Fthiotida and Evrytania regarding the Archaic era.

Two large Kouros-style statues and other ancient Greek artifacts from what seems to be an ancient cemetery dated between 800- 479 BC were found following a call from a farmer.

The land owner reportedly tried to tile his field in Atalanti, Fthiotida when he found the trunk of a naked male statue, the Ministry of Culture said in an announcement.

The Kouros statues were among four statues in total unearthed in the area of Lokris, which was one of the most developed regions in that time of antiquity spanning to 200 BC.

Kouros is the name given to free-standing ancient Greek sculptures representing nude male youths.