It was when a teenage Vassy first heard chanteuse Billie Holiday blissfully singing out of the speakers of a community radio station that her life had changed forever. She always knew that singing had a special place in her heart, but the decision to take it to the next level – and all the way to the US – was cemented when she heard ‘Autumn in New York’.
Growing up in Darwin, Vassy Karaglorgos’ family were inundating the small girl with plenty of Greek tunes. She says her mother would always play Pontian music while her parents were the last ones on the dance floor at Greek parties in town. In 2003, the soulful singer’s subtle yet powerful voice was unearthed by Australian radio station Triple J. Soon after, the singer was signed to Warner for an album deal. The only way was up for Vassy who was determined to get to the US and follow her dream.
“Being a woman in the game has its challenges,” Vassy tells Neos Kosmos.
“My father never wanted me to do music – I actually got a degree first in Interior Architecture.
“I promised my father before he passed away that I would finish my degree but I got his blessing to do music.”
Vassy is a true believer in following dreams – after all, it was her self-belief that saw her take off to the US to start a career that has spawned songs in television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and the new movie Cabin In The Woods
“I empower girls all the time to take control of their careers and make it happen be your own CEO.
“No one helped me, I did it on my own and live off music full time now for a couple years. It’s hard work but if you have talent and believe in yourself then strive for the stars.”
As an artist that works more behind the scenes with commercial work and television work, she finds it flattering when people recognise her voice as opposed to her face. The recognition for voice alone is what many artists strive for, and she has definitely got that from her peers and fans.
Right now Vassy is busy promoting her new album out on iTunes called Beautiful Day which she wrote and co-produced. She is in the midst of touring the US but will head back to Australia to visit her family next month.
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