As each week passes the Spartans are building confidence and momentum to take on all comers come finals time. However, it is going to take a great leap to achieve a premiership this year and the Spartans so far have not shirked the responsibility of playing champagne football on their way to the top.
Last week at Visy Park, the Richmond Snakes took on the Spartans, but could not keep up with the relentless and ferocious tackling, superior pace and spread of the Spartans running out winners by 77 points.
HAFC: 18.17.125 Def. Richmond Snakes: 7 .6 .48
Goal kickers: G. Dellaportas (4), J. Farah (4), A. Mitropoulos (2), C. Terzoglou (2), D. Korlos (2), G. Georgiou (1), J. Bartzis (1), A, Stavridis (1), C. Katsanevakis (1) Best Players: G. Dellaportas, C. Katsanevakis, J. Farah, N. Criticos, J. Rieve, A. Hachem
Saturday starting at 9:20 am the Hawthorn Spartans, home at Rathmines Road host Bulleen Templestowe. This game is also a Spartans’ major sponsor promotion for the Bank of Cyprus Australia with a traditional Greek souvlaki sizzle!