An investigation into the death of LGBTQI activist, Zak Kostopoulos has indicated that the abuse he suffered by the four police officers that were present on the scene could have played a large role in his death.

The report states that they kicked the victim, then went on to continuously step on his hand and leg, which caused increased physical damage additional to that which he had already suffered after several blows to his cranium.

The report goes on to add that the consequence of this abuse, which created multiple injuries on the victim’s body, forced him to go into a state of stress, activating his defensive mechanisms in order to cope with the situation, leading him to suffer a fatal heart attack that is heavily connected with the aforementioned injuries.

The four officers appeared in front of the investigator, and have been ordered to prepare their case for 12 December, when they will go on trial.

Kostopoulos was killed earlier this year after he broke into a jewellery store in Athens. He was attacked by the store’s owner and nearby citizens, as well as police. He died at the scene.