A year in 12 clicks

Greek Australian photographer Yiannis Yiasaris recounts his 2018, one photograph a month

Yiannis Yiasaris, the Greek self-taught photographer formely named Best Black and White Photographer in Australia, moved Down Under 18 years ago after meeting his wife in Greece.

In 2018, Yiasaris focused more on colour, proving that he has a unique eye for detail and the ability to freeze time at the exact moment the subject merges with its surroundings.

Having discovered his passion for photography less than six years ago, he roams the streets for Melbourne looking for moments and frames that can tell a story.

Yiasaris started experimenting with Instagram and filters until about five years ago he bought his first DSLR and the rest is history. He has since taught himself to use different cameras, editing programs and equipment and has won several competitions.

“My photos are a combination of portraits and cityscapes. Loneliness is evident in my work,” he told Neos Kosmos.

“I’m lurking for the right moment. Sometimes my subjects realise they are in my photos and I have to explain, but what is essential for me is capturing real, pure shots that could tell a story. Ideally my subject doesn’t know they are being photographed.

“At first I did not know what style to go for. I took photos of flowers, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, but it was street photography that won me over.

“My love of street photography comes from the curiosity about people going about their everyday life and my passion to tell their stories through pictures. It’s more intimate and real. Candid. The best part is the excitement of finding that deciding moment, that magic click that makes it all fall into place.”

Being a street photographer living in Melbourne, Yiasaris finds “stealing moments” easier than other cities as people are open and hardly ever perceive his random, yet calculated clicks as an intrusion.

The Greek Australian might find himself sitting at a crossroads for hours before the magic happens, before the right person, with the right outfit and right expression passes before the background he has selected and brings his vision to life.

This devotion to capturing the right moment and even coordinating the colours of the background with the details on the person entering the frame is the secret behind his any likes and often viral cinematic images. Moving from his black and white signature style, Yiasaris tapped into colour with fresh eyes mastering the art of shooting with an ultra wide lens.

While such settings work wonders in landscape photography, even the slightest miscalculation in distance and aperture can make the photo blunt and take the focus off the subject.
Factoring this in, Yiasaris’ street photography is even more unique, as no moment has been staged.

When asked about his recipe for success he says “It’s all about the common, real people. Being able to actually see through their eyes or body language in those split seconds that they are lost into their thoughts.

“It takes hours of training and practicing on the streets no matter the circumstances. One needs to be focused and look for these moments of truth. We are all common people, nobodies, yet we are the stars of our own stories, and that is exactly what I want to convey through my imagery.

“Here’s my most favourite moments for 2018. Enjoy.”