As part of its network updates for 2019, Emirate’s has announced a series of adjustments to its operational schedules which includes Greece, and specifically Athens.

In an effort to alleviate pressure from the shut down of Dubai International Airport’s Southern Runway for maintenance work due to occur in April and May 2019 without compromising global travel demand trends, the large airline is adding another Athens-Dubai service.

The main flight will be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft between 31 March and 15 April and during 1-26 October, whereas during high season from 31 May to 31 September, Emirates will deploy its superjumbo A380 aircraft.

However, operating with only one airway will mean that several Emirates flights will be cancelled, re-timed or have the operating aircraft changed in order to reduce impact on customers, the carrier announced in a statement.

During the 45-day repairs period, Emirates estimates that 48 aircraft will remain unused and flights are to be reduced by 25 per cent.

With Greece being a very popular destination mainly from Australian and UAE based expats, Athens will not be affected negatively by the reduction in the overall number of flights operated alongside destinations across Europe.

“Emirates is committed to operating one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the international aviation industry offering unparalleled customer experience and a superior level of safety combined with better fuel efficiency,” the airline said.