While Australia gets set to host the largest collection of treasures from the world famous State Hermitage in St Petersburg Russia, in this week in 356 BC, Philip King of Macedon received word that his son – who was to become known as Alexander the Great – was born.
Alexander the Great was born around 20 July 356 BC. Baby Alexander grew up to become one of history’s most iconic figures.
The Australian Museum is currently preparing for the 24 November opening of Alexander the Great: 2000 years of treasures, the largest collection of treasures ever to come to Australia from the world famous State Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. It includes over 400 objects from classical antiquity through to the modern age.
“We are immersed in all things Alexander at the moment, so it is important that we celebrate his milestones,” says Elizabeth Cowell, the exhibition’s Project Manager. “The birth of Alexander changed the world. His life was short but changed the course of history. He was a leader whose tactics are still studied and taught today, and he also had a fascinating and powerful effect on the art and culture right across his massive empire.
“As we approach the London Olympics, it is also timely to remember that Alexander’s father was a gold medallist in the year of his birth,” says Fran Dorey, researcher for the exhibition. “The horse racing gold was a most prestigious medal to win at the Games and the owner of the winning horse was proclaimed the champion, even if they had not attended.”
The stories of Alexander, his family and their conquests have enthralled us since their day. Catherine the Great, 18th century Empress of Russia and founder of the State Hermitage was particularly fascinated by Alexander, leading to a collection at the State Hermitage that is unsurpassed in terms of its breadth and the significance of its treasures. When this exhibition comes exclusively to Sydney to the Australian Museum in November, it will be only the second time that the collection has left Russia.
Alexander the Great: 2000 years of treasures is exclusive in Australia to the Australian Museum in Sydney and will start on 24 November. Register to keep up-to-date with news of the exhibition at www.alexandersydney.com.au. Purchase tickets at www.ticketmaster.com.au or by calling 136 100. Ticket prices:
Adult $24 / Child (5 to 15 yrs) $12. Family (2 adults + 2 children) $60 / Concession $18/ Children under 5 years free.