With stakes for a no-deal Brexit on the up, Greece begins to focus on putting measures into place that will allow UK citizens to continue to travel to and live in Greece without disruption.

While Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to renegotiate Brexit terms, Greeks worry about losing their second biggest source of income supporting the county’s tourism industry.

Every year, three million Britons visit the Greek islands alone per year, amounting for a sixth of the nation’s financial output which means that a sudden change in travel procedures could shake Greece’s economy.

Among the measures Greece is considering in order to prevent arrivals from UK citizens from sliding further is to maintain the visa-free status.

Greek government is reportedly drafting bills and presidential degrees as contingency in the case of a hard Brexit.

Moreover, with many thousands of Greeks having migrated permanently to the UK, there would be need for a mutual deal between the two sides that would see into retaining the status of U.K. citizens living in the country and vice-versa.