A confrontation over allegedly stolen DJ equipment being sold on Gumtree led to father-of-five Duane Hutchings, 44, being shot at his property at Oakleigh East on Saturday morning.

Tony Panagiotou, aged 56, admitted to police that he shot Hutchings with a sawn-off shotgun when he, his sons and another man went to the Clayton Road property to confront the victim whom they believed had robbed his 18-year-old son, John Panagiotou, of the equipment.

The group went to the victim’s unit after they saw equipment that they believed had been stolen being advertised on Gumtree. 

Hutchings was rushed to The Alfred Hospital in a critical condition and succumbed to his injuries soon after arrival.

The matter appeared in front of the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday with Tony, his son John, and George Panagiotou, aged 22, also charged with aggravated home invasion and assault. Jonathan Atalalis, aged 24, was charged along with the others.