The Spartans last weekend bounced back with a vengeance in defeating the Richmond Central Snakes by 134 points and finishing the season on top of the ladder. The barnstorming win came at the right time as the team prepares for three weeks of finals football starting from this Sunday 2.00pm when they meet Therry Penola in the second semi-final at Central Reserve – Corner of Springvale and Waverley Roads, Glen Waverly (Mel. Ref. C5 71).

Final Score: HAFC: 21.21.147 Def. Richmond Snakes: 1.7.13

Goal kickers: G. Dellaportas (6), P. Doubakis (5), G.Georgiou (3), N.Criticos (2), A. Mitropoulos (2), A. Demetriou (1), J. Farah (1), C. Seely (1) Best Players:
G. Dellaportas, D. Bubunaras, N. Criticos, A. Demetriou, M, Murray, P. Doubakis.

Hawthorn’s last training session on Wednesday at St. James Park went exceptionally well and the Spartans will field their strongest team for the year led by playing coach Con Terzoglou and captain Anthony Demetriou. The Semi-final against Therry Penola promises to be an exciting match. Expect to see an entertaining run and spread game of football.

Earlier this season when these two sides met with full teams, the Spartans ran away with the game. The Hawthorn Spartans’ welcome sponsors, supporters, Neos Kosmos readers, families and friends tomorrow to cheer the team into a grand final spot.

Sunday’s 2nd Semi-Final Team
Backs:(38) P. McArthur (40) J. Rieve (26) A.Toumbakis
Half backs:(8) A. Demetriou (Capt) (13) W. Ioannidis (1) J. Kozaris
Centres: (21) J. Farah (43) M. Murray (15) D. Bubunaris
Half forwards:(3) P. Doubakis (31) A. Boocock (30) N. Criticos
Forwards:(48) M. Wawrzynczak (18) A. MIitropoulos (VC) (9) T. Demetriou
Rucks:(36) A. Stavridis (7) C. Terzoglou (10) G. Dellaportas

Interchange:(19) J. Handford (44) D. Ekonomides (33) T. Vlahos (6) A. Hachem
(2) A. Salipas (22) C. Seely (5) P. Antonopoulos (35) G. Georgiou
Emergencies:(16) M. Salipas (12) D. Zito (28) M. Koukouras