Are you interested in writing? Neos Kosmos is offering students from Greek schools across Australia the opportunity to contribute to a supplement for our newspaper written entirely by students.

The idea for the project came about to give students of Modern Greek the opportunity to use their language skills in an enjoyable way. Not only will it improve their Greek, but it will also young people a platform to express their thoughts, needs, and to also raise their concerns about what is happening in the world around them.

While the Greek language stories can be about any issue whatsoever, we also welcome articles written in English but with a focus on issues of interest to the diaspora. The project is open to students of all year levels, from kindergarten right through to high school, and all levels of Greek and English. We also welcome photographs and videos for our site.

If successful, the Neos Kosmos team believes that the project will have positive benefits on Greek language education and will also highlight issues of importance to young people regarding their Greek heritage. And our main objective from a social perspective is to engage with young people and get them thinking.

For further information, Greek schools across the country are encouraged to contact Neos Kosmos’ Editor-in-Chief Sotiris Hatzimanolis directly on (03) 9482 4433, or email