Renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, the composer of the world famous score for “Zorba the Greek”, has been in hospital in Athens for over a week after suffering from heart problems, according to a hospital source who released this information on Thursday.

Theodorakis, aged 93, was taken to the private Iatriko Kentro (Medical Centre), in Athens northern suburbs, on February 26, in “secrecy”.

Theodorakis had also been hospitalised in August last year and other times as a result of his heart problems.

Local media reports that his health was being monitored and under control. An official update is expected soon.

Apart from penning works like Zorba and Axion Esti, Mr Theodorakis has been a vocal political figure. An icon of the resistance against WWII Nazi Germany, a communist fighter in the 1946-1949 civil war and an active figure during Greece’s dictatorship from 1967-1974.

In recent years he has been vocal regarding his opposition to the Prespes Agreement.