Kleon Grigoriadis, famous Greek actor and a member of the MERA25 political party committee has just announce his candidacy for the European Parliament and during his address, he also spilled the beans on a a new film, directed by Costa-Gavras.

The movie will focus on the financial crisis and its repercussions on Greece. Even though Mr Grigoriadis won’t be appearing in the film, he was very excited to announce that popular Greek actor Christos Loulis will be starring as former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

“I don’t have very good knowledge or command of the English language, and the film will be international. The characters will all be speaking English in most of it. Also, it’s an artistic project curated by Mr Gavras and I’ve only just found out that Christos Loulis will be playing Mr Varoufakis. It’s the best choice; an excellent actor,” he noted.

Without delving into more detail, Mr Grigoriadis confirmed that the movie will revolve around the first semester of 2015, when things got super tough for the Greek people.

Part of the film will be shot in Athens and some in Brussels, while other cities will feature in certain scenes.