End of Year Concert 2018

Administrator of the Greek Ethnic School, Anthoulla Nides, assistant to the Administrator, Eleni Paris and Principal of the school Mrs Vicki Giannopoulos presented encouragement awards to the students. Miss Stephanie Sakley, an outgoing Year 12 student was acknowledged with a gift. We wish Stephanie well in her future studies and career.

Left, Administrator – Anthoulla Nides and her assistant Eleni Paris entertain the students with a giant koala bear.

Also on the day, gifts of thanks were given by the Ladies Auxiliary to all the teachers, namely the Principal Vicki Giannopoulous, Effie Bachlinzanakis, Katerina Kalogeropoulos, Vivian Kalas and our Adult Greek Teacher Mrs Georgia Kalas. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication throughout 2018. At the same time the Ladies Auxiliary presented a thank you gift to our Dancing teachers Sally Cominos-Dakin and Effi Petridis-Alvanos. We thank Sally and Effi for their time and efforts throughout the year.

Father Romanos blessing (agiasmos) with the children of the Greek School.

Blessing of Greek Ethnic School of St Anna 2019
On Wednesday the 27th of February 2019 Father Roman conducted a blessing (agiasmos) for the commencement of the Greek Ethnic School of St Anna. After the ceremony Father Roman blessed all the Greek school students, Teachers, Greek School Coordinators, and the parents of the school students.

Priest tables with Agiasmos and the bible