Natalie Portman visited Athens for a short time but that was enough to whet her appetite for more. She poke to during the presentation of her latest film, drama Vox Lux, at the Toronto Film Festival.

“I’ve actually only been a short time to Greece, I spent one weekend in Athens with my husband before we were married,” she said. “He was performing there in Athens. I loved it so much. I dream of going back and seeing more of the country.”

With director Brady Corbet beside her she said that she would definitely enjoy performing in a work of Ancient Greek theatre. “I think this is Ancient Greek theatre,” quipped Mr Corbet in reference to their latest work, Vox Lux, a work about an unusual set of circumstances that brings unexpected success to a pop star.

Ms Portman wouldn’t need much convincing to perform in Greece. “If the government would invite us on a tour of the Greek islands for example,” she said. “We would surely do a small theatre tour of Antigone or such a piece.”