Neos Kosmos readers on social media responded to Theodora Maios’ opinion piece, titled “Mummy, I don’t want to go to church”. The piece provided helpful advice by a priest regarding a child’s refusal to go to church and stressed that children should not be ‘forced’ into adopting a set of religious beliefs.

Our readers responded with their own comments, sparking an interesting debate:

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Jerry Tsagaratos Most religions need the forced attendance of children in order to maintain their establishments .

Peter Bouza When I tell my children there is wine and bread on Holy Communion day they are there before the priest.

Kostas Karakonstandis Why should they attend church is the question.

Stavroula Agiasotelis Wake them up, get them dressed, get in the car and go to church. Simple.

Nick Rodintsis Let them sleep, get dressed when they’ve had enough sleep, get in the car and take them to a park to play. Let them decide about religion when they are old enough to understand for themselves. Simple.

Theo Tsalavoutas Stavroula Agiasotelis, you should be very proud of the balanced and healthy lifestyle you offer your children, never mind people who work to destroy this harmony in your lives. Kalo sas pasxa!

Mezza Dee Respect their wishes – they’ll find their own way in life

Theo Tsalavoutas Mezza Dee, operating on that logic, why raise your children at all then? If it is so wrong to raise your children with a loving upbringing in Christ or otherwise, why not just birth them and leave them in the wild to fend for themselves?

Nick Rodintsis Theo Tsalavoutas, if you think the alternative to forcing religion onto a child that isn’t equipped to deal with such profound concepts is to leave them in the wild, then you have demonstrated a lack of understanding of the role of parents in a child’s life.

Theo Tsalavoutas Nick Rodintsis, you need to learn to address what is being said, rather than use your imagination to interpret what has been said. You introduced the concept of forcing, not me. All I did was use Mezza’s ‘logic’ against her by highlighting that if a person is not allowed to raise their children with Christian Orthodox principles, what exactly denotes an acceptable method of raising a child?

Con Kanellis Fascinating article – After a certain point in time the child – person either connects and wants to go or they don’t. There is nothing to be gained in forcing them – making them go to Church.

Angela Papas Loving guidance. Yes this priest has the right idea. Faith can not be forced.

Gozel Hansen Leave the choice for kids. Any person should be able to choose their own religion instead of being forced. Let them grow, study about all the religions and not only that. Help them to get a good education and let them decide themselves which way of living to choose. Respect their choice, they have right to do that. Our responsibility is to make sure that they grow up being a good, kind, respectful and well-mannered personalities, to give them base and knowledge to make the right choices in life. But the choice should be made by them!

Terry Mplios Why do you call this Greek church this is Orthodox Church because there are other churches with different names that have Greek people attending. Wake up Neos Kosmos. You can get into trouble.

Sam Raydan You need to revisit the history books. It is historically the Greek Orthodox Church. As opposed to the Roman Catholic Church. Just as you don’t have to be Roman to be Roman Catholic, you’re not necessarily Greek to be Greek Orthodox. It’s not as simple as this however, the Orthodox Church is much more complex in its history due to Ottoman rule, population exchange etc.

Kallimachos Savvas Grigoropoulos Sam Raydan, Eastern Orthodox Church is the correct title mate.

Costa Ntantos Bribe them with Commandaria wine.

Litsa Spirou You don’t have to go to church to believe. I have no interest in going myself. I believe the church is out of touch with today’s youth.

Mia Wallace I never liked going (Greek back ground married to an Aussie). Since moving out of home 20 yrs ago I haven’t stepped foot in a church again. (and please no judgement. Just a personal choice).

Jordan Argiriou Nice one Neos Kosmos… just keep hitting that axe into the divides of our community… clickbait articles… Are you guys park of Junkee or the Huffington Post? How about a post titled ’10 ways to know your newspaper is dying’?

Manolis Bletsas Yet here you are, commenting.

George Prokopiou No need to go to church. If you beleieve in it, that’s enough. I go to church during Easter and return home wondering why, as the Greeks treat it like a market with sales on. They push to grab the palm crosses from the priest’s hand, they talk and gossip during the service and smother the icons with 2-inch thick lipstick over them so others are unable to greet the icons.