A small group of vegan activists took to the streets of Athens and Patra on Saturday to protest against the slaughter of animals ahead of Easter. The annual tradition includes feasting on lambs that are turned on a spit.

The Vegan for Life activists protested on Ermou Street and Syntagma Square in Athens and Riga Feraiou and Gerokostopoulou streets in Patra, carrying signs with photos of baby lambs, while questioning how a Christian celebration for love could include the unnecessary slaughter of other creatures of God.

A protestor told Ethnos Newspaper that they considered it “wrong and barbarous” to take part in a custom that submits creatures to suffering and death.

On their Facebook page, they wrote that the fight will not end until all animals are free.

The group consists of 40-50 members from around Greece, and they are staging a number of demonstrations around Greek cities, including Larissa, Volo, Yiannena and Kalamata among others.

Apart from the protests, there are a number of vegan restaurants sprouting around Greece as the movement is gaining in popularity.