Legacy, a cafe in Camberwell, has been ordered to pay Instagram Influencer Chloe Roberts $1,600 after a verbal agreement between both parties went sour.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal compared Ms Roberts’ service to that of a billboard and ruled that she was entitled to be paid for posts that she later deleted, ‘prematurely’ according to the cafe.

Ms Roberts is a gym and fitness “ambassador” and social media influencer, who appears on her accounts wearing scanty clothing. She often posts photographs with food, while working out or on the beach. She gets paid around $1,200 for posting photos of herself with various product placements.

Legacy cafe advertises with social media posts created by influencers, and owner Con ‘Costa’ Katsogiannis approached Roberts to help him attract customers by using her image as a youthful influencer.

Katsogiannis met with her to settle a debt and increase her pay from $200 to $300 after she increased her Instagram followers from 80,000 to 123,000 people.

The relationship between the two soured when Katsogiannis found that the posts were no longer there.

The cafe was ordered to pay Ms Roberts $1,600 that is two-thirds the sum originally sought.