It was an impressive display by the Hawthorn Spartans last Saturday at Williamstown.

The eastern suburbs club was faced with difficult opposition, as they had to compete with a team that was fourth on the table inside their own home ground.

However all this appeared to work as a psychological boost for the Spartans, who, as if they had something to prove, walked onto the pitch and gave their opponents no hope for victory. By the time the first quarter was up, the visitors had already claimed a 50-point advantage.

The rest of the game entailed more of the same for the home side, who attempted to break free from the pressure of Hawthorn but simply couldn’t find a way to restrain them.

On the other hand, the Spartans made the most of their bench, ending the game with 10 different goal kickers.

The final whistle found them in the lead by 108 points, a record win for the current season.

Of course this also means that they remain at the top of the league, now having seven wins and a single loss.

This Saturday they prepare to host Swinburne University in a game that will be captain Anthony Demetriou’s 100th.

1st quarter: 7 8 50 to 0 0 0
2nd quarter: 12 9 81 to 2 0 12
3rd quarter: 17 13 115 to 4 0 24
4th quarter: 21 18 144 to 6 0 36

Goal scorers: Stratus 5, A. Ioannou 4, C. Pana 2, S. Neohoritis 2, W. Eagle 2, M. Dabab 2, T. Barber 1, W. Cowie 1, N. Criticos 1, W. Diamantikos 1