Babylonians developed trigonometry before Greeks

Sotiris Pashos Great minds think alike.

Kosta Stavrou Now wait for all the Redneck Victorian Greeks to start complaining at how outraged they are by this finding.

Nick Rodintsis They’re all over the place not just Victoria!

John Koolbanis This post is misleading… Trigonometry is not an invention, it exists and has always existed… It grew, evolved and developed through time. Stone age inhabitants and even hunter and gatherer cultures used basic primitive types of Trigonometry to build small wooden type structures and mud brick huts even if they did not know they were applying the method. It was the ancient Greeks who transformed trigonometry into an ordered systematic science. Furthermore, trigonometry is a Greek word which means triangle and measure. Everything we know about trigonometry comes from the Greek tradition and not the primitive eastern Babylonian tradition that was unknown to the world until the late 20th century. This post is nonsensical and has nothing to do with trigonometry as a scientific discipline.

Sam Raydan Ouch. But it was the Greeks who uncovered a million and one uses for windex, and that alone is impressive. Oh, and pizza was a Greek invention, so take that Italy.

Nick Chrissostomidis Pardon me but this is one (f) d***ed up post. Everyone should know that the ancient Greeks borrowed many aspects from many societies including (very important) astronomy observations made by the Assyrians/Babylonians. What the Greeks did beyond the original data was … well you know the rest.
Robert Redding We all know that even Pythagoras in 520 BC, left Babylon where he got his schooling and returned to Samos. However, Neos Kosmos give us facts not “now believe” but, it is proven that.

Greece changing definition of ‘rape’

Arthur Varelas Always 20 plus years behind!

Nicci Zach They want to pass the Bill in Parliament without the other parties as they are against this Bill. ND, KKE will not be in parliament when they try to pass the Bill. Lets see what will happen next.

Kostas Karakonstandis Yes, and this is by far the biggest problem Greece has to solve…

Robert Redding Before they leave they will pass as much chaos as possible. Most in Parliament are hiring their daughters, friends, etc. One general had the guts to quit as he smelled that they want to divide the Aegean with Turkey just like they simply gave Macedonia away.