The defence attorney of Theo Theophanous has slammed the conduct of the investigation by the leading police detective. Robert Richter, QC, was giving his closing submission on Thursday saying that “[…]this investigation and prosecution does a great disservice to all victims of rape and there are many, many real victims of rape.”

“Mr Smith’s investigation in my submission gives a bad name to dedicated and hard working sexual offence investigators,” Mr Richter said referring to the chief investigator in the case against the embattled MP. Mr Theophanous is accused by a woman that he raped her in his Parliament office more than ten years ago.

His defence lawyer argued that the police had helped the alleged victim modify her testimony several times in order to mirror the evidence that became available during the investigation.

“I would put to you that your investigation was a complete disgrace,” Mr Richter said to Detective Sergeant Doug Smith while questioning him on the stand. “I wouldn’t say that,” replied Sergeant Smith.

During his testimony the detective claimed that friends of the alleded victim who disputed her claims were not reliable witnesses, while testifying in the committal hearing taking place at the Melbourne Magistrates Court.