Dear Friends of Cyprus and Greece,

It has been 45 long years since the Turkish invasion violated all human rights of the people of Cyprus. For 45 years the mothers and relatives of missing persons have been waiting to learn about their fate. Refugees are still waiting for their safe return, as the Security Council Resolutions directed and Turkey itself voted for it in 1974. The enclave are still suffering under the harsh rule of the invaders, refusing to abandon their beloved sacred soil.

We hope that the two leaders will be able to agree on a just and lasting solution which will reunite the island in a way that all the people will be able to return to their homes and properties, their places of worship and enjoy all the benefits their full membership in the European Union, the Commonwealth and the United Nations provide. In a safe and secure environment, without foreign armies and constant fear of interventions and invasions.

To be able to arrive at an agreement, however, the Turkish navy and the illegal invasion into the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for the purpose of drilling for energy resources must come to an end and they must head back home; this is the only condition the president of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Anastasiades, will agree to start negotiations. Not only are the Turkish demands directed against the Republic of Cyprus but they are also directed against Greece aiming at nullifying the EEZ of the Greek islands. It creates a very dangerous situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

We are fortunate that the international community, the free world, the European Union, all the permanent members of the Security Council (SC) and Australia recognise only one authority in Cyprus and they recognise its sovereignty, including its rights to exploit its energy resources.

The Justice for Cyprus Coordinating Committees in all states in Australia continue their struggle, hoping that, with the help and participation of all the Greek and Greek Cypriot people in Australia, will convey the message to the Governments and Politicians in Australia we have not forgotten Cyprus and we will not allow any success of the foreign diplomacy and propaganda which aims at a recognition of the pseudo state, the illegal “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

2019 is a very critical year and our presence and participation to all the activities SEKA has organised, but especially the march against the Turkish invasion and continuing illegal occupation of Cyprus, support and facilitate the efforts and negotiations for a just solution of the Cyprus issue.


Constantinos Procopiou,