Nigerian national Obasanja Adeola Owoyale, 33, was found dead in the body of a trunk in north Nicosia. Police were alerted to the area after a foul odour came from the parked car near a school in the region.

The deceased, a PhD holder in architecture and a graduate of Cyprus International University, was declared missing on 1 July. Found dead on 8 July, his body was discovered wrapped in a blanket.

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Turkish Cypriot media report that the deceased was killed elsewhere, wrapped in a blanket, and then abandoned inside the trunk of the abandoned vehicle. Police sealed off the area and inspected the video, and are currently examining CCTV camera footage in an effort to find a suspect.

The recent death is not the first in the area. In May, a 28-year-old male Cameroonian bled to death following a violent altercation with a Nigerian suspect that was possibly the result of a turf war. It is not clear at this stage if there is a connection between the two murders.

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