Three Australian TV presenters dancing Zorba in honour of newly elected Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sounds more like a farce than a news story, but this is exactly what happened on a Sky News political commentary show this week.

Co-hosts of Outsiders were anything but shy in expressing their satisfaction with the election results, performing a ‘dancing and smashing plates’ act, followed by an enthusiastic congratulatory note, with an unexpected mistake.

“Welcome to a very special Outsiders where we’re celebrating the election of a conservative government in Greece, the government of Kyrgios Mitsotakis,” exclaimed one of the presenters, Rowan Dean, mispronouncing the Greek PM’s first name, as tennis player’s Nick Kyrgios’ last name.

Take a closer look to the video and you’ll also see how Mr. Dean also forgot  ‘Mitsotakis’ last name, with the colleague sitting next to him refreshing his memory.

“So congratulations to all the Greeks out there!
“The people of Greece have slayed yet another socialist dragon in Europe and we are happy to celebrate, ” the TV presenter said.
“They’ve smashed the ideology of socialism as happily as we smashed those plates and they’ll be doing it across Greek restaurants around Australia I hope”.


The Outsiders congratulate the election of a conservative government in Greece.@rowandean: The people of Greece have slayed yet another social dragon in Europe.

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— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) July 9, 2019