As part of PRONIA’s endless support to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) individuals and families a new, highly interactive workshop with case studies and activities has been launched, with an aim to address the impact of discrimination and homophobia particularly in CALD communities and the affect on the mental health of the LGBTIQA individuals and their families.

PRONIA now offers LGBTIQA Sensitive Practice training to organisations who who work with and would like to draw upon the experiences of racism and discrimination.

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This helps enable participants to explore issues relating to sexual orientation, culture and beliefs that often can be challenging to address in certain CALD groups. Through the session participants will develop strategies to support  the LGBTIQA clients and their families.

The workshop will explore best-practice models in effectively engaging CALD communities to inform, educate and promote acceptance in order to tackle discrimination and homophobia and minimise the harm and impact on people and their relationships.

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The CALD LGBTIQA Sensitive Practice Training has been developed in collaboration with queerspace/Drummond Street services and focuses on the research and evidence-based outcomes of Pronia’s two-year LGBTIQA projects – ‘Starting the Conversation’ & ‘Skepsi’. (2017-2018)

The 1.5hr session explores identity and culture in a collectivist and individualist setting and helps participants understand the Equal Opportunity Law 2010 and the Aged Care Act 1997 in regards to equality, equity and justice in order to provide Sensitive Practice and consider intersectionality of complex issues impacting on clients.

*To find out more about the session, including cost, locations, availability etc and to book for your organization please contact Adonis Maglis at Pronia on 93889998 or