The story of Fan Footy SA was born in the living rooms of three mad young footy fans that would spend hours in front of the TV screens, screaming their lungs out and barracking for their beloved clubs.

Passionate footy heads and long-time friends, the three – Petros Kanakaris, Xeni Demosthenous and Peter Tsamtsikas – had two things in common: their Greek heritage and Australian Rules Football.

These two passions combined lead to the creation of Fan Footy SA, a show on YouTube, that capitalises on the threesome’s love and knowledge of the game. It was genuine and fun, and the first show went off like a firecracker with 342 views in under two hours.

Petros has a love and passion for football, grew up surrounded by the game. His father, Greg, also shared the same passion and was the first South Australian Greek to create a footy show on Greek radio Doriforos, seventeen years ago. Petros would sit by the radio, listening to his father and uncles, when their show aired every Friday night. He’d participate in all the quizzers and win weekly prizes at the age of 12! Seventeen years later Petros decided to carry on the family football tradition with Fan Footy SA.

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Xeni, like Petros, grew up playing numerous sports. From the age of eight, he excelled in any sport he played and retired, by age 20, with bucketloads of knowledge under his belt. Nicknamed Mr Stats Man, his love for sport was so strong that he chose to make a career out of it and became an outstanding PE Teacher, where he gets to do what he loves every day.

Peter was incredibly gifted and has played at a high level as a footballer in the state of South Australia. Peter and Petros attended the same high school and formed an unbreakable bond of friendship thanks to their love of the game and the fact that they were the only boys in their school with such an ardent passion for Aussie Rules. They’d kick the footy at recess and lunchtimes until the teachers would chase them off the oval.

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Fan Footy SA is an extension of the passion and is recorded by the three-man panel on YouTube on a weekly basis.

The boys also have the opportunity to participate on the Greek radio station Doriforos, where their show is live from 6:30pm till 7:30pm every Thursday. Footy fans can also find them on their social media platforms as they are active on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @FanFootySA.