It would seem first place is all but secured for the Hawthorn Spartans.

With only four games remaining of the regular season, their impressive run of 10 wins and only a single loss puts all doubts to rest.

Their most recent victims were Marcellin on Saturday at Rathmine Reserve, who were crushed by a margin of 69 points. The home team asserted their dominance coming out of the gates, scoring four goals in the first quarter and removing the question of who the winner would be off the table. After that, it was simply a matter of how far they were willing to go and what the scoreboard would write once the final whistle was blown.

Among other things, the Spartans were happy to see the return of long-time absentees Joe Georgini and Jack Caminiti, who had both been sidelined due to injuries. The contribution of most of the outfield players once proved to be the catalyst behind the team’s victory. Now, just a stone’s throw away from the playoffs, all they need to do is hold on to their position and they will start the finals series with the absolute home advantage.

The next game is scheduled for today, Saturday 27 July against Old Geelong at Como Park in South Yarra at 2.00 pm.

1st Quarter: 5 1 31 to 0 5 5
2nd Quarter: 7 7 49 to 2 7 19
3rd Quarter: 12 7 79 to 3 11 29
4th Quarter: 16 14 110 to 5 11 41

Goal kickers: A. Mitropoulos 5, J. Georgini 3, N. Criticos 2, P. Makris 2, T. Barber 1, J. Farah 1, D. Korlos 1, M. Papadimitriou 1