Tax evasion continues to be rife in Greece. This was proven by the country’s public revenue authority AADE last month, when for the first month of summer, it sent inspectors out to popular tourist destinations across the country, both on the mainland and islands.

Over 7,700 businesses were inspected in total, with the highest occurrence witnessed on the islands Corfu and Santorini.

Corfu topped the list, with six out of every 10 businesses checked found to be violating the law. While Santorini was a close second, with 56 per cent.

On the mainland, the city with the most violations was Thessaloniki (55 per cent of 289 businesses) followed by Athens (37 per cent of 407), and Patra (36 per cent of 233).

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When it came to violations, the sectors with the most were listed as follows: taxi/chauffeuring services (81 per cent), car washes (75 per cent), florists (73 per cent), travel agencies (68 per cent), nail salons (63 per cent), legal firms (63 per cent), takeaway souvlaki shops (62 per cent), hairdressers (62 per cent), motorcycle rental agencies (57 per cent), petrol stations (54 per cent), and land/sea transport firms (53 per cent).

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