Where do I begin? Ten years ago I was happily married – or so I assumed at the time – with one child and another on the way. My then partner and I decided to invite a real estate agent into our home to sell it so we could build a bigger home to accommodate our growing family and that’s where the nightmare began! (Can anyone relate?)

Like every relationship we would have our ups and downs; weather stormy! Weather Sunny! Whatever issues we had, we would communicate, sort it out and move on. My 13-year marriage ended, and I blame the real-estate industry – though the fact that it ended may have been a blessing in disguise.

To be honest, it opened my eyes as I was not that truly happy. Or was I? I don’t know, but that is another story for another time.

That aside, my perception is that the real estate industry is a con-artist job. Basically, their vision statement is for them to make their money and they will go to great extents and measures to do it. They will befriend you, lie to you, communicate with you, turn partners against each other just so they can sell their home.

Some agents are more passionate than others, they go to such measures just to get you down and ruin your life and reputation. Not only did they push my marriage off the edge where I got a divorced, while going through settlement they were causing so many problems they made me sick.

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My ex and I were at breaking point of nearly killing each other – the property ended up selling at $200,000 less than its value. Did they plan it that way, you think? To top it off, when I went to look for a home to live and rent while I was in the process of buying or building, I had to wait for settlement. I felt abused by rental managers, and I nearly ended up homeless. No one would give me a home, and eventually I found a loop hole and an honest agent who had a heart and saved me, otherwise God only knows where I would be today.

They were causing so many effects, so many problems, creating a war zone and they opened up a new can of worms and decided to stir the pot and create havoc in my sanctuary that I called home, just so I could sell my home. Apparently the real estate agent’s view, which he so stated himself and I will never forget: “Once you sign your home to us you don’t own the title anymore, we do”.

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I signed my soul to the devil that day!!!

Even if my marriage wasn’t strong enough to survive, they made sure I wouldn’t survive. That’s where bullying and attacks began. They put so much strain on our marriage and relationship we fought so badly and it worsened after I ended up losing my unborn child. My marriage fell apart, I nearly ended up homeless. I literally lost my patience and my marbles trying to get back on track, I lost my best friend and I blame it on the day I brought that evil Demon Agent into my home. Shame on him.

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