A petition has been launched calling for justice, after tourists in Greece stoned a swordfish to death.

Launched by a woman named Jane Wolfe, the petition, which has amassed 22,898 signatures to date, is addressed to Greek Minister of Justice Kostas Tsiaras.

According to reports, the incident took place in July on a beach in Chalkida, where a crowd of tourists went about tormenting and attacking a swordfish that had ventured close to shore.

A video that was circulated on social media, reportedly showed onlookers laughing, while others threw rocks at the fish, attempting to get a hold of it as it tried to swim away.

A screenshot captured from the video footage.

Officials later found the swordfish dead in the harbour.

“Not only did onlookers stand by and allow this terrible attack to happen, but harbour officials reportedly failed to take measures to prevent the escalation of the brutality,” reads the petition.

Ms Wolfe is calling for a thorough investigation into the incident, and that the attackers be punished.

“Greek authorities need to make it clear that the abuse of animals is completely unacceptable,” she adds.