Brendan Beasley, an electrician from Penrith in Sydney’s western suburbs, organised the trip of a lifetime for the woman he thought would be his wife.

The 23-year-old spent $10,000 for the holiday and ring combined so that he could propose to his girlfriend of three years. But “after three years together, and for no reason at all… she ended up leaving me,” Beasley told

“I was gutted because I had actually bought her a ring and booked us a surprise trip to Santorini because she always wanted to get engaged there.”

After breaking up in the weeks before the top-secret surprise holiday, he counted his losses and went on the holiday anyway.

He kept the ring, but wanted to get rid of it after he discovered that his former girlfriend had already found a new man.

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As he watched the sun set, he hurled the $5,000 ring in its box off the caldera.

The tour guide on his Contiki holiday captured the moment on video.

Brendan has since then moved on and is in a new relationship with current girlfriend, Kassie.

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