The family of an American tourist who sustained severe head injuries in a car accident in Greece and died, has given the gift of life through their heartbreaking loss.

The American man, aged 30, was killed on the island of Tinos. But instead of flying his body back to the United States, his family decided to donate his vital organs to Greeks in need.

As a result, eight people who had their names on waiting lists in Athens, Thessaloniki, and in Germany, were able to undergo life-changing surgery.

Among them was a 29-year-old man, who received a new heart; a 62-year-old man from Thessaloniki, who received a new liver; as well as two women from Thessaloniki aged 54 and 45, who had been on dialysis for years, received kidneys.

Meanwhile patients with eye and skin problems at the G. Gennimatas General Hospital of Athens received corneas and skin.

President of the Hellenic Transplant Organization, Professor Andreas Karambinis praised the family for their selfless donation.

“Once again it is proven that organ donation has no borders,” Professor Karambinis said in an official statement.

“Human solidarity and love for fellow human beings transcends borders and any other religious and social beliefs.”