It has been a big year for AGAPI Care. The not-for-profit service provider was awarded the Enablement Award for the Most Outstanding Social Change Maker in Australasia for 2019, and was also the finalist at this year’s Telstra Business Awards.

“These awards belong to every person that we’ve had the privilege to make a difference in their lives,” said Agapi Care CEO, Mary Gakopoulos.

On Saturday evening, AGAPI Care hosted its annual Gala event, celebrating the ‘Joy of One Community’.

Hundreds turned out for the event, among them a number of special guests, including Member for Cooper, Ged Kearney representing Jenny Mikakos; Senior Advisor to the Honorary Gavin Jennings, Lee Tarlamis; Fronditha Care President, Faye Spiteri; Fronditha Care Acting CEO, Jim Scantsonihas; Pronia President, Ivy Fatouros Mimilidis; and Pronia CEO, Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos.

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“I was asked the question ‘how would you celebrate your achievements this year?’ We celebrate with the people we support, their families, their carers, our community, as a whole. It’s the community as a whole that is responsible for the success of this organisation,” said Ms Gakopoulos.

“This success is measured by the accomplishments of our clients, as they demonstrate to us daily, that their disability is not an obstacle, that their disability is no barrier to achieve the incredible. Their disability does not define who they are as a person.”

AGAPI Care delivers tailored services and supports people with a disability to meet their identified needs and goals.