The following letter was sent to the Greek Minister of Education, Niki Kerameus. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is encountered all too often in Greece.

Honourable Minister,

First of all, I congratulate you on your election and your appointment to the Ministry of Education, a very important Ministry as education is the future of this place.

For another year, we are in the uncomfortable position of starting the school year with too many gaps in terms of teachers.
The Megiste elementary school, the only school on Kastellorizo with 21 children attending this year, is a Trinity school. Unfortunately, no teachers were placed. Instead, a substitute teacher from the Halki school came to do the blessing and to work with the pupils for a few hours a day until the next recruitment phase, in which we hope that all three teachers will be hired and started so the children can get started with normal classes.

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There are also gaps in teachers and the high school classes. Gaps in teachers as follows:
* one theologian (who also teaches history and gym classes)
* one language teacher for Greek, Ancient Greek, history, drama (Greek language)
* one physics
* one English (to also teach English to elementary students) as there is no foreign language school on the island, so our children can only learn English at school
* one IT (also teaches to elementary students)
* one sports teacher (also teaches physical education with elementary students)
* one French
* one artist (also teaches art to elementary)

Our kindergarten this year, just like last year, has two kindergarten teachers who were hired on time and thank you very much for that.
It is very important that our school is staffed by teachers, as our children are entitled to access education just like all children in Greece.

Yours sincerely,
Elisabeth Nitis
Parent and Guardian Representative
Elementary school of Megiste