Oakleigh Grammar celebrated it’s annual Term 4 Commencement Assembly on 9 October, and although the day was filled with celebration, it was also an assembly to reminisce, reflect and pay tribute to the beloved Bishop Iakovos, as he moves on to become the first Bishop of Queensland.

Bishop Iakovos was a pivotal member of Oakleigh Grammar and The Greek Orthodox Parish & Community of Saints Anargiri Oakleigh. It was here that he served as Reverend Father of the Parish for many years, until his ordination as the first Australia born Bishop.

The morning was filled with both happiness and excitement for Bishop Iakovos, as he moves on to another chapter in his life, but there was also some sadness, and as current Reverend Father George Adamakis stated, “It will be Queensland’s gain, but Oakleigh’s Loss.”

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In reference to the significant impact that Bishop Iakovos has had with the community, but also remarked in closing, “Oakleigh Grammar will always be your home.”