Recent data released by Eurostat has revealed that Greece has the lowest number of babies born outside of the marriage among all other countries in the EU.

The data revealed that nine out of 10 babies in 2017 were born to parents who were married, highlighting that traditional values are still important among the general population.

It’s a similar situation in Cyprus, which was ranked third last, followed by Croatia.

Topping the list with the highest number of babies born outside of wedlock was France, with 59.9 per cent of babies born to unwed parents.

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Bulgaria was in second place (58.9 per cent), followed by Estonia (58.6), Slovenia (57.5), and Portugal (54.9) in the top five.

Meanwhile it’s no secret that Greeks have been having less children since the onset of the financial crisis.

From 2015, Greece has had one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, with 1.35 children per woman born in 2017.