Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Xinhua News Agency that relations between Greece and China have entered a new era, characterised by a dynamic cultural and economic collaboration. He made these comments shortly before departing for his visit to the six-day China International Import Expo 2019 in Shanghai that runs from 5-10 November. At this expo, Greece is one of the honoured countries.

In China, Mr Mitsotakis will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and top business officials.

“The cornerstone of the two countries’ relationship is summed up in just two words: mutual respect, which is derived from a great historical heritage and solid business cooperation,” Mr Mitsotakis said, and he added that both countries have forged a harmonious, friendly relationship.

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Mr Mitsotakis said that the second annual China International Import Expo 2019 is an excellent opportunity to highlight the strong cooperation between Greece and China. He underlined that Greece is committed to giving rise to a friendly, open entrepreneurial context and assured the country is a field of equal opportunities, as far as investors are concerned.

“Greece’s spirit of openness reflects the country’s intention to bridge three continents,” Mr Mitsotakis said, adding that  “Greece has regained its position on the global map as an extrovert economy.”

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Mr Mitsotakis pointed to COSCO’s investment at the port of Piraeus as a clear indication of the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, while adding that there was room for further “more substantial progress” in agriculture, mainland transport, shipping, energy, telecommunications, research and technology and tourism.