US President Donald Trump’s cell phone records show a call on 7 December, the day that Greek American Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant, says she was subjected to unwanted kissing and groping, according to court records.

The Associated Press obtained records filed in Ms Zervos’ defamation suit on Monday which indicate that Ms Zervos got a call from Trump on the day she says she was sexually assaulted. He rang to invite her to dinner, an invitation she said she accepted in the hope of getting career advice. She said that she was assaulted.

Marc Kasowitz, Mr Trump’s lawyer, said Monday that the claims against the US President are “entirely meritless and not corroborated by any documents.”

Ms Mariann Wang, the attorney of Ms Zervos, says that phone records show that “numerous specific details that Ms Zervos has provided about those interactions are true.”

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Ms Zervos, a California restaurateur, is one of the many women who have come forward to accuse Mr Trump of sexual assault or sexual harassment over the years. She says that Mr Trump made unwanted advances twice in December 2007 when he was the host of the reality show where Ms Zervos appeared. She says she was subjected to unwanted sexual behaviours in his Trump Tower office in New York and at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Phone records show a call from Mr Trump to Ms Zervos on 21 December, 2007, when Mr Trump’s calendar showed that he was due to fly to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a call to Zervos from Beverly Hills followed the next day.

Phone records show calls from Ms Zervos on 26 December, 2007, after Ms Zervos received what she considered a low-salary job offer from the golf club where she had met Mr Trump and she felt that she was “being penalised for not sleeping with him.”

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Mr Trump has called the women who have made accusations against him “liars. He also denied Ms Zervos’ allegations and retweeted a message that suggested that her claims were “a hoax”.

Ms Zervos, also a Republican, sued Trump for defamation and claims that her reputation has been ruined by his claims that she is a liar.

The two sides agreed to a 31 January deadline for the president to undergo a deposition.