A British tourist, aged 40, has allegedly been beaten to death by the jealous husband of the woman he was having an affair with, according to reports in the Greek media.

The British man was reportedly kicked and punched in the head and body at the Familia Hotel room at Vathy where he was found dead, reports InKefalonia.

Police launched an investigation into the murder and have arrested a 54-year-old local man from Ithaca where the British man was holidaying.

The alleged suspect owns a supermarket in the area, and he reportedly flew into a rage when he found out about the affair which the tourist was having with his wife. He is said to have got into a taxi to visit the British man who arrived on the island on Thursday.

The tourist is said to have had an affair with the suspect’s wife, who is believed to be the holder of a South African passport.

The 42-year-old woman is believed to have been present during the assault but left, apparently not realising the seriousness of the injuries.

The couple had numerous marital problems in the time preceding the affair and were reportedly embroiled in a dispute over who would take custody over their eight-year-old daughter.

The Ithaca Police Department released a statement to the local media reporting that the investigation was resolved immediately “following a systematic and thorough investigation by the Argostoli Security Department in collaboration with the Ithaca Police Department after a fatal injury to a 40-year-old in Ithaca.” The police report that the authorities and medical teams were immediately called when he was found dead.

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