The Apollo Trails paths around the village of Abelionas cover the area around the prefectures of Arcadia, Ilia and Messinia in the Peloponnese. These are to be further extended in a bid to expand the tourist season in the regions surrounding the mountainous trail.

The initiative was first launched by Abeliona Retreat, a boutique hotel that wants to promote alternative tourism throughout the year.

The footpaths themselves are part of a broader sustainable growth policy for the area and are addressed to travellers with environmental concerns seeking to enjoy a ‘transformative’ experience as part of their own personal growth,

The Apollo Trails routes link the Temple of Epicurean Apollo with the remains of the ancient sanctuary of Pan, the Ash Altar of Zeus on the top of Mount Lykaion and the sources of the River Neda, up to the extraordinary stone threshing floors and the old water mills. Routes that follow the water and the seasons through the magnificent chestnut forest, the oak threes, and the creeks with the centuries-old plane trees.