The name Stelios, Stella and Stylianos are celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church on 26 November in honour of Agios Stylianos.

The saint was born in Paflagonia at the time of Emperor Theodosius.

Though born into a wealthy family, Stylianos believed that it was wrong to allow people to live in poverty. Feeling too privileged, he abandoned his house and wealth and went to the desert to pray.

Living an ascetic life, he was able to survive on his faith alone and, as his reputation grew, many sought his counsel by visiting him in the desert where he preached about the power of faith.

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After his death, people would still visit his cave and it is claimed that his preachings could be heard there.

In another instance, he managed to save children from a plague that hit a village after people prayed to him. For this reason, Agios Stylianos is considered the protector saint of children and mothers.

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