We did a little write-up of things linked to our Greek identity, from the use of the wooden spoon, evil eye and mountza. Then we asked our readers to tell us how you know someone is Greek.

Their responses were as follows.

Daisy Kaye Gossip that spreads from complete strangers and within 48 hours it reaches family 1450 km away! Welcome to Greek Australia.

Aggelos Anargirou Aggelou Daisy Kaye, Gmail really stands for Greek mail.

Gabriel Angeloglou Where are you going? Take a jacket.

Aggelos Anargirou Aggelou One minute you’re too skinny… «φάει ρε πετσί και κόκκαλο έχεις γίνει».
Literally the NEXT day you’re considered an oversized gorilla not worthy of marriage… «σταματα να τρως τα ράμπις (rubbish) εκεί έξω που πας, ρε γορίλας (ή σαν τη φριζα – if you’re a female) έχεις καταντήσει!»

Vivienne Gunn Mas ekanes rizili, to crank up the guilt trip.

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What quirks do you feel define Greeks? Add on to the statement, “You know you’re Greek when…”, by joining the conversation on social media.

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