Diamataris’ fake CV and other scandals

Andreas Andrikopoulos Forgery and fake papers. JAIL!

Joy Ellinida Did he go on holidays?

PanchoPano Katsaridis In Greece, these are minor things and the political system is thick-skinned.

Georgios De Grecia Yes, PanchoPano Katsaridis, but don’t forget that the scammer grew up as a diasporan in America.

Odysseus Gipalis Many years ago, I’ll look it up, there was a lecturer in Australia that plagiarised all he presented. These things happen everywhere. The main thing is for these not to occur when there are people in important positions.

PanchoPano Katsaridis The thick-skinned tolerance of the Greek political system allowed this.

Arthur Vlahogianis Many people have gone to Greece with fake papers from abroad and are appointed into positions, and this is difficult for people. They should look into this.

Viky Ikon What an embarrassment! When will we recover as a country? When will our nation get the respect it deserves? When will politicians that represent Greek people get some sense and support the interests of Greece?

Giannis Patsaris When they stop eating away at the money of taxpaying citizens.

Ermioni Tasiopoulos What green, red or blue! They’re all scam artists! From bad to worse! Greece is lost! Shame on us!

Kanellos John Patsios These, ladies and gentlemen, are the saviours.

Diamataris gets the archbishop’s medal

Savvas Tziwnhs They’re handing out medals for lying?!!

Kosta Stavrou Makes sense that an institute that perpetuates a 2000 year old lie is giving out medals for lying.

Ilias Messas “… does a primary school diploma count, Father?”

Emmanuel Georgios Hatzileris What’s the relation with Hellenism and his actions. He lied. Why are you mixing us in the equation. It’s a good thing that the fake astronaut emptied the corner.

Georgios De Grecia Are you crazy? Why did the Archbishop give him a medal? For his ethos? Or to whitewash his scams? The archibishop should be ashamed as he seems just as implicated in this instance, but birds of a feather and manure o the lettuce.

Arthur Tsiambouris The archbishop is giving a medal to a minister of Greece and not a liar. The archbishop did not make him a minister. The Prime Minister of Greece is to blame for appointing him minister. Don’t implicate the archbishop.

Kanellos John Patsios I want a medal! I don’t have a degree yet either.

Yiannis Tektonopoulos The scammer resigned prior coming down from the aeroplane and shouldn’t have accepted the medal. He tricked His Eminence.