Nick Kyrgios, 24, under probation by the ATP, showed a different side to his volatile on-court persona as he spoke about the NK Foundation, his own charitable organisation.

The NK Foundation was created in 2015 with the hope of getting more underprivileged children into sport. The goal of the 2nd best ranked player in Australia is to create a facility in Melbourne to offer these kids a safe place to pursue their dreams.

He posted a photo of himself by a hospital bed visiting a sick young man, and he wrote: “Humble yourself or life will humble you. It’s always someone fighting a harder fight some place. More to smile about, than there is to frown. Keep a Pure $oul , the LOVE will come back around eventually.”

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Last month, he told the Sydney Morning Herald that the foundation has given him an added drive on the tennis court.

“I want it to keep growing and to get bigger. For me, it’s tough to find enjoyment in tennis sometimes with the grind, but it all gets stripped back with the kids,” he said.

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“To hit some balls with them makes their day and hopefully gives them a dream to keep pushing – maybe I can teach them a lot, because I’ve been through a lot and they don’t make the same mistakes.”