Following the Greek language program saga at Coburg West Primary School, which almost saw the language booted from the curriculum, Minister for Education James Merlino MP has thrown his support behind the program.

In response to a letter on the matter from Greek Community of Melbourne Vice President Theo Markos, Mr Merlino said he values “the important place that Greek language has in contributing to the rich diversity of languages in our State”.

He also went on to acknowledge that “there has been a long history of teaching Greek language at Coburg West Primary School”.

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Mr Merlino highlighted that despite the results of an independent review into specialist subjects that resulted in the school deciding to discontinue the language program in its current form from 2020, that further support was being offered to keep it on the agenda.

“I am pleased to inform you that the Department of Education and Training has decided to provide Coburg West Primary School with additional support to allow for the continuation of the Greek language program,” he said.