A new tragedy descended on the Panayiotou family with the news news that the younger sister of famed pop star George Michael, Melanie Panayioutou, was found dead three years to the day after her brother died on Christmas Day 2016.
Ms Panayioutou, who was 55 years old, was found dead at her home in Oak Hill Park in London.

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A police spokesman said a call reporting her death was made to emergency services at 7.35pm on December 25. Police said there was no criminal act involved.

Ms Panayiotou was close to her late brother and had often accompanied him to concerts around the world. She had worked as his hairdresser and make-up artist. When the singer died he left his $100m fortune to her and older sister, Yiota.

After his death, it was the sisters who arranged for the singer to be buried next to their mother.